EPSF Welcomes New Board Members Renee Vokt & Eric Little

01 August 2021 / By EPS Foundation

This year, the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation welcomed two new board members, Renee Vokt & Eric Little.

Renee Vokt, School Board Liason

Why are Elkhorn Public Schools important to you?

Elkhorn Public Schools are important to me for multiple reasons. The obvious one, my three boys all attend EPS and I’ve always been involved in their classrooms and schools. I love engaging with students and watching them as they grow. I also love the sense of community that is witnessed throughout the Elkhorn community even as we continually grow each year. It’s imperative we keep our focus on each and every student, as well as teachers and administration as we continue to grow.


Where do you hope to see the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation in 5 years?

I hope the Foundation can grow in the help they provide to the Elkhorn Public Schools community. The opportunities they provide in Classroom Grants, Scholarships, and EKC is fantastic, and I’d love to see us grow in those areas as the District continues to expand.

What is your favorite thing about Elkhorn?

We love being able to have access to all of the conveniences of a major metro area like Omaha, while still being able to experience the small-town feeling of Elkhorn. Whether we’re having a special treat at Dairy Chef, attending a community event at Ta-Ha-Zouka, or just picking up some groceries at Family Fare, we can always count on seeing familiar, friendly faces!

What extracurricular or outside interests do you have?

I have always had a passion for kids, so volunteering as a little league baseball coach and as a facilitator for Junior Achievement are two of my favorite activities. Every teacher, every coach, every person in a role that involves a child has an opportunity to make a positive impact on that kid. They have a chance to be that kid’s best teacher or best coach. I love having the opportunity to work with kids, and my limited time in the classroom through JA has only enhanced the respect that I have for the teachers and administrators in our EPS schools.

Meet Our Board
Eric Little, EPSF Board Member
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